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Careers in Product & Design

  • 7A4A8336

Senior Engineer
You're an award winning senior engineer looking for a SaaS-based web and mobile app company that is as adept as you. You're a leader in the design, implementation and ownership of major modules and sub-systems. Within buuteeq's technology platform, you will revolutionize the way small-to-medium hotels engage with their guests in today's global and digitally connected world. (View description)  

  • Matt Morgan

Back End Engineer
You're the type of person that gets more turned on by the engine of a car then the exterior, a world-class back-end web developer that designs and implements SaaS-based web and mobile applications. You want to be part of a high-functioning and rapidly growing company that's building the most robust, all-terrain rally car of web apps. (View description)

  • Kristen working

Front End Engineer
You're a talented front end engineerlooking to have a broad impact on the forefront of technology in a successful startup with passionate people. You're a master with HTML/CSS/JavaScript framework, have a passion for web development as well as a keen eye for well designed UX and UI. (View description)

  • buuteeq internship

Engineer in Test
You are an experienced, diligent, and passionate QA with experties in both UX/UI and internal functionality, black-box testing and writing automated QA suites for system level regression tests. You are creative, a diplomat, and want to be part of a team that works well and plays together, too. (View description) 

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Senior Web Designer
You are a talented Senior Web Designer eager to join buuteeq's UX team in creating amazing experiences for independent hotels and their customers. You set design direction for the product and marketing teams, perform workflow analysis and wireframing, and provide creative design solutions, graphic production, and light front-end development. (View description)

We are hiring!
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We are a fast-growing software-as-a-service (SaaS) company providing innovative digital marketing software for the global hospitality industry. This is a place where people are fiercely passionate about technology and travel. We thrive on creating a brilliant new reality in which hoteliers are the masters of their own digital universes.