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Forest Key | CEO/Founder

Forest learned the term "making the connection" from a Tim Cahill travel story on spelunking (the sport of cave exploration)--the objective: never exit a cave from the same opening that one enters. Fascinated by this credo, Forest never backtracks when he travels and has stumbled upon countless magical travel moments in the many countries he has visited and in his overseas expat living tenures in China, Spain, and Chile. Forest was a Sr. Director in the Microsoft Server & Tools Division, and later the GM of Business Development for Asia based in Beijing, China, where he drove adoption of Microsoft user experience and web technologies with the region's top consumer websites and digital agencies. As a product manager at Macromedia he led technology innovations in the Flash product line that have revolutionized web video. Forest formerly worked in the visual effects and CGI industry, as both a founder/CEO of successful software startup Puffin Designs, and adding glamour to his geek credibility, as visual effects editor/animator at George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic. He is fluent in Spanish and can negotiate to buy cheap consumer goods in Mandarin. He holds a BA in History from UCLA.

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We are hiring!
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We are a fast-growing software-as-a-service (SaaS) company providing innovative digital marketing software for the global hospitality industry. This is a place where people are fiercely passionate about technology and travel. We thrive on creating a brilliant new reality in which hoteliers are the masters of their own digital universes.