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Cynthia Mason | VP Global HR & Talent

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Cynthia is passionate when it comes to travel and her thoughts often drift to the next magical spot she will discover. Over the years she has traveled to many places but when her feet first landed in Italy, it was instant Amore! Her adventures in Capri, Sorrento, Portifino, Naples, Sienna, Florence, Venice and Rome…. led to mad cooking skills, a love for wine and an ever growing shoe collection.  A big gratzie to those amazing Italians!

Cynthia also has an unparalleled passion for succeeding, with over 15 years perfecting HR and recruiting practices, specializing in the technology space for SF, Seattle and the EU. She joined her first start-up, Corillian in 1999 during the dotcom craze and has been hooked ever since. After moving to Seattle, in 2005 she took a role heading up the recruiting for the games division within RealNetworks. She led the charge for massive growth in Seattle as well as the EU, spending the majority of a 6-month time period working in M&A based out of Salzburg, Austria. Upon her return she dove back into the start-up community and took over as Director of HR & Recruiting with Pelago, and most recently as Head of HR & Recruiting with Livemocha.

We are hiring!
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