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Bryan Estep | SVP Global Sales

Bryan’s first time on an airplane was a trip from Seattle to Brazil for a year as an exchange student. He subsequently ventured on an around the world backpacking trip paid for by delivering FedEx packages and eventually wrote three travel books including Liquid Mexico, a travelogue on tequila. An early promoter of online travel in international markets started with a stint at Site59, which was then acquired by Travelocity. There he led a team that built Travelocity’s merchant hotel program in Latin America and Asia-Pac from scratch, and profitably launched and ran three Latin America B2C sites. Estep is fluent in Spanish, has a keen comprehension of Portuguese in Brazilian music, and is a graduate of the University of Washington and Thunderbird School of Global Management.

We are hiring!
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Seattle, Washington, 98119, United States
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