buuteeq Careers
220 West Mercer St., Suite 500
Seattle, WA, 98119, USA
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Love for technology + Passion for travel

buuteeq is a fast growing software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies that is delivering a innovative marketing automation platform for the global hospitality industry. Join us and become part of a visionary team that loves technology, is passionate about travel and is inspired by the human experience of seeing the world.

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buuteeq is a special place for innovative, creative people with their sights set on big goals. Our culture stresses independent thinking, self-actualization, personal accountability and the ambition to do something great for our customers and the millions of travelers who are seeking unique experiences at their next hotel stay.

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We make bold moves and tough decisions; we do it with painstaking foresight and at mind-blowing velocities. We also makes mistakes. People at buuteeq are self-aware that mistakes may happen but they make them fast and they come out better than they were before.

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We are a community of like-minded individuals with an unyielding hunger for perpetual growth and development. Each innovation we deliver feeds our hunger to create something even better. We aim to revolutionize the technology and hospitality industries.

Forest gives a 10 minute overview at Seattle Meetup event

Forest & Cynthia discuss our culture